Our team in front of trees.

You’ll find multi-disciplined talent from America, Britain, Mexico, China, Australia and New Zealand at Ghostpistols. We’re multi-skilled, multi-awarded and multi-excited. No, that isn't a real word.

We’ve helped build brands from the ground up, and reinvigorated existing brands. We have in-depth experience across a range of categories, including FMCG, Automotive, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Tech, and Sports.
We’ve created award-winning campaigns across content, digital, TV, and experiential. We’ve written and directed festival-winning short-films, published greetings cards, and books, and popped-up pop-up stores.

The founders left Wieden+Kennedy, Portland and 72&Sunny, Amsterdam to assemble an energetic team of lovable, talented malcontents. And though we have, and regularly use, our actual names, our collective name is Ghostpistols.

Why ‘Ghostpistols’?

Back in 2008, Damian brought up the subject of ‘Ghostbusters’ and Matt replied that he hadn’t seen it.

After a short, furious debate that probably involved exclamations like 'You haven’t seen one of the seminal movies of the 80’s?' and 'What kind of a monster are you?' it turned out that Matt thought Damian had said Ghostpistols.


They laughed hard at this. What kind of a movie would Ghostpistols be? Who would star in it? Rick Moranis obviously, but who else?
Before long, Ghostpistols had become a running joke.

'That sushi was good, but it wasn’t as good as Ghostpistols.'

'Wait, didn't that actor play the levitating fisherman in Ghostpistols?’

'I had a chilled weekend thanks... I did a bit of housework and watched Ghostpistols.’

So, when it came time to head out on their own, they considered many good, solid options, but there was only one name they were going to call Ghostpistols, and that's Ghostpistols.
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