We’re highly excitable
makers of things.

Born out of the belief in a more effective, hands-on, streamlined way of working, we start with the business objective, and let truth, insight, and creativity lead us to the solution, whatever form that may take; be it a TV Campaign, Digital Stunt, Book, Short Film, Experience, International Market Toolkit or some mad robot thing.

Whether you have a brand that needs building, an audience that needs reaching, a technology that needs introducing, or a story that needs telling, our team will always work with your best interests at heart.

We’re ambitious, experimental
and keen listeners.

We don’t know everything - that would be incredibly boring. What we do know is the power of creativity. And that everything we do is a result of one core belief: Good Comes From Good

Why the name

That’s a great question with a silly answer.

While the founding partners were working together years ago in Sydney, Damian mentioned the painting from the movie ‘Ghostbusters’, to which Matt replied that he hadn’t seen the movie. ‘What? I mean…. What?’ After a short debate that probably involved exclamations like 'You haven’t seen one of the seminal movies of the 80’s?' and 'What kind of disgusting monster are you?' it turned out that Matt had heard the word ‘ghostpistols’.


They laughed hard at this. What a ridiculous name. What kind of a movie would ghostpistols be? Who would star in it? Rick Moranis obviously, but who else?

Before long, ghostpistols had become a running joke.

‘That sushi was good, but it wasn’t as good as ghostpistols.’

‘Wait, didn't that actor play the levitating fisherman in ghostpistols?’

‘I had a chilled weekend thanks...went for a surf and watched ghostpistols.’

So, when it came time to start an agency, they considered many good, solid, logical options, but there was only one name they were going to call ghostpistols, and that's ghostpistols - A running joke that ran so far it’s now a legal entity in the state of California.

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