Jordan — To Be Zion

It was a pleasure to work with Jordan Brand, creating the film component of their global campaign to launch NBA superstar Zion Williamson’s first signature Jordan shoe — the Zion 1s. In the words of music mogul and our voice-over talent DJ Khaled, we also “like dat”.

This campaign is currently running on national broadcast & social media platforms.

Despite being an international superstar, Zion is best buddies with his little bro. But, as DJ Khaled says, he still 'Gotta put in dat work!'

Ten Past Monkey

We helped launch ‘Ten Past Monkey’, an online kids’ store with outfits as unique as the little weirdos who wear them.

We embraced the irreverent spirit, gave the brand a name and purpose, and created a fun, flexible design system full of personality and intrigue, with the cheeky kind of attitude that would be sent to bed early.

The Brand Guidelines was awarded in Communication Arts 2020 Design Annual.

At every touch point we always tried to surprise and delight. Like including a free branded bandage with every package, hang tags that are temporary tattoos, and wrapping paper coloring posters.

Lagunitas Brewing Company

We helped Lagunitas launch their IPNA — the world’s first Non-Alcoholic IPA - which would arguably be the world’s toughest sell if it were not for the fact that the beer is actually delicious.

The campaign kicked-off for Dry January with this appropriately low-fi social film on NYE, continued through January, and evergreen assets reminded the audience throughout the year.

Headlines teased the viewer through carousel ads. » »

Simple pre-roll films showed that you could have your evening and your morning.

While meme-style ads helped raise awareness by being plain dumb. Oh and we created the music ourselves. That’s correct, we are indeed ‘cool’.

Stop-motion :06 pre-rolls literally rolled. 

And a small truck-full of static ads run throughout the year.

Moby The Dick

While many have claimed Moby the Dick to be the natural sequel to Moby Dick, we wouldn’t go that far. While this book is superior, obviously, in every way compared to that old one, it would make an unlikely sequel since we haven’t read the original.

This hardback coffee-table book is the perfect gift for those with coffee tables.

14” x 14” Hardcover

Say Cheesefuck

Deception can come in many forms. In this case, it came in the form of being asked to hold onto a toy gun, and being photographed at the exact moment that same gun sent a wave of electricity through the victi- sorry, subject.

Luckily that moment was captured forever in a book, all in the name of art. At least that was the angle our defence lawyers took.

Newsprint stock
14” x 14”

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