Our team in front of trees.

You’ll find multi-disciplined talent from America, Britain, Mexico, China, Australia and New Zealand at Ghostpistols. We’re multi-skilled, multi-awarded and multi-excited. No, that isn't a real word.

We’ve helped build brands from the ground up, and reinvigorated existing brands. We have in-depth experience across a range of categories, including FMCG, Automotive, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Tech, and Sports.
We’ve created award-winning campaigns across content, digital, TV, and experiential. We’ve written and directed festival-winning short-films, published greetings cards, and books, and popped-up pop-up stores.

The founders left Wieden+Kennedy, Portland and 72&Sunny, Amsterdam to assemble an energetic team of lovable, talented malcontents. And though we have, and regularly use, our actual names, our collective name is Ghostpistols.